Electrical Installation


Power bills and environmental issues on the rise call for quality installation by industry experts – and here American Electrical Contractors is one BIG name. Today, installation of smart electrics is turning out to be ever more popular. Gadgets that let you manage your lighting as well as electrical usage fairly help keep the cost of power bills to a minimum – and what else is you are happy as you can control over your hold like never before.

At American Electrical Contractors, we work closely with our clients and provide some of the most up-to-date technology at very sensible prices. Our electricians master at finding out the wiring needs of both your home and business. They ensure that all electrical system and fixtures stick to applicable electrical codes. Their job, in-a-nutshell, is to facilitate your home or agency with sufficient power in the safest way possible.

Good Ideas Can Turn Up Anywhere, Now Good Job Can Too!

Fresh installation requires fresh ideas and modernism. So, if you are planning to erect a construction, take on American Electrical Contractors – we’re innovative and best at unbeaten electrical installation service. Our expertise over good tool skills allows us carry out different electrical repairs safely and proficiently.

Our Residential And Commercial Electrical Installation Service Comprise:

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades.
  • Electrical Panel Replacement.
  • Electrical Sub Panels.
  • Breaker Replacement.
  • Electrical Rewiring.
  • Electrical Switches, Outlets & Fixtures.
  • Upgrade or Install Electrical Wiring, Outlets, Fixtures.
  • Complete Electrical Wiring for addition or Remodel.
  • Code Update and Corrections.
  • Install Electric Vehicles Charging Station.
  • Underground Electrical Service Upgrades and Installation.
  • Installing Underground Conduit to Run Electrical Service.
  • Dedicated Circuits.
  • Adding 220/240 Volt Circuits.
  • Breaker Replacement.
  • Motors & Transformers.
  • Machine Shop Wiring.
  • New Construction.

To everyone from the small family units to large businesses, we can offer the whole lot from our elite electrical installation packages. And in case of new gadgets, their correct usage and maintenance knowledge is also provided by our expert electricians. To know more, get in touch NOW! For more information, you can contact.